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Preparations for Jaebeom’s return well underway?

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Preparations for Jaebeom’s return well underway?

Post by MaryM on Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:49 am

The real reason JYP let Jaebeom leave

JYP, this once unanimously respected man, praised for his music and his producing of hit groups Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM has been under fire these past couple months over the whole Jaebeom scandal. One thing netizens and Hottest fans are angry about is the fact that JYP let Jaebeom go. Yes, it was the former leader's own wish to return to Seattle but because he was in a legally binding contract with JYP, he couldn't exactly pack his bags and leave. So why did JYP give the green light?

The man is considered a genius among the many in the Korean music industry not just for his music but also for his business skills. JYP is no ordinary CEO of a company who makes decisions right off the bat. He looks at the situation and broadens his view, considering all aspects and possibilities in his choices and decisions. Jaebeom's words from his trainee days were yes, not appropriate but it wasn't something so big that he should leave 2PM. However, JYP knew that Korea was an overly proud country and that they did not tolerate those who mocked and insulted their country and ego. With this in mind, when the request for his leave came up, he approved it with Jaebeom's well being in mind. He knew that Jaebeom would become public enemy #1 if he had remained in Korea, and so to preserve his reputation and to prevent it from being hurt any further, he let 2PM become 6.

JYP has already prepared for Jaebeom's return

Preparations began when Jaebeom left for Seattle. Every single move JYP made was to benefit Jaebeom and to possibly open a path for him to return to an entire country of furious Koreans. JYP kept his silence on the matter even when the fans were demanding answers. He did release an official statement but he didn't exactly side with Jaebeom or the country, as to not show favoritism and anger any loyal fans or the furious Koreans.

But change has begun to show when on the November 12th episode of 'Golden Fishery', JYP commented on the Jaebeom scandal. Although they were there to talk mainly about the Wonder Girls U.S. debut, JYP dived into the matter deeper than he had previously done saying, "If Jaebeom is to return as an artist, he will return as 2PM. The 7 members love each other and if he was to return, it will be with the group and not solo."

2PM members also prepare for Jaebeom's return

Not only JYP but the group itself has also begun their own preparation for his return.

When 2PM won the Best Artist of the Year Award at MAMA, they shed tears on stage saying, "Winning such a big award is an honor. Jaebeom hyung...We wish to share this glory with our leader." This was a moment where the group expressed their hard teamwork and their true feelings for their leader.

Such a statement could have only been said because the group and their company were on the same wavelength. If JYP had any negative or disapproving feelings towards Jaebeom's return or if there was no possibility of it, he would have never allowed that to be said.

For the past two months the group has said nothing on the matter and has even been pulled out of shows and MC gigs. But with the recent wave of comments from the group and the boss himself, it's all pointing to a possible return. JYP allowed the fans to express their outrage and sorrow over the course of 3 months and for the country of Korea to settle down, thus slowly opening up a path for Jaebeom.

In fact, during this time many Korean studies have shown that they had overreacted. Now that the fans have settled down a bit, JYP is sparking up the interest in Jaebeom again, thus raising the question: Is Jaebeom coming back? Korean reports are saying that the possibility of his comeback are now higher than ever and that fans can feel a little more at ease.


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