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Lee Hongki - News

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Lee Hongki - News

Post by Hong Star on Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:10 am

090919 News update

Credits: newsen + zcandyflossz@soompi

090919 Lee Hongki, As British-Korean “Jeremy”

FT Island’s Lee Hongki will play the role of “Jeremy“, a British-Korean, in his comeback drama.
Lee Hongki revealed that he received support from his fellow FT Island members for the upcoming SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful“. In this drama, Lee Hongki will play the role of “Jeremy“, a British-Korean member of the band “A.N.JELL“, whose father is from an English royal family and mother, a famous model. He was well-brought up in the family and also helps to generate the harmonious bonding within the band.

As a member of the popular group FT Island, Lee Hongki revealed that, “In reality, there’s a group which I’m currently active in and I feel comfortable acting as an idol with a bright character. Director, Hong Sungchang, also told me to be like my usual self. He also said to use our usual conversations as part of the dialogues, so I feel less burdened.”

He also said that, “Other FT Island members also gave me support by saying ‘Do well in your drama’ and showed much interest. Not only myself, other members also have passion in acting and are also interested in my role in this drama.”

Lee Hongki, who was also casted in MBC “Freezing Point” in 2004, revealed his thoughts about being a singer and an actor, “When I’m singing on stage, I feel the excitement and thrill. When I’m acting, I develop feelings through the TV.

Actress Choi Ran, who acted as Lee Hongki’s mother previously in “Freezing Point“, will get to work with him once again. This time, she will play the role of “Go Minam” & “Go Minyuh“’s aunt.

The new SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful” talks about the growth of a teenage band and the love between the members. It will start airing on 7th October at 9.55pm, taking over the slot of “Swallow The Sun“. Cast includes Jang Geunsuk, Park Shinhye, Lee Hongki, Jung Yonghwa, Uee, Jung Chan, Kim Sungryung, Kim Inkwon, Choi Su-eun, Bae Geurin and others.

Credit: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

Hongki's Macos Adamas Earring Endosement

Credits: as tagged + zcandyflossz@soompi

090922 News Update

Credits: as tagged + zcandyflossz@soompi

"You're Handsome" Promotional Poster

CREDITS; Osen + Honey @ loveft-i.net

090923 Jeremy rehearse Mini Concert

090923 Ki+A.N.JELL news photo update

Credits : as tagged + Miink@FTIsland Thailand +CNMK@soompi/PITeam

SBS Releases “You’re Beautiful” Poster Version 2

Having released a fantasy poster of the A.N.JELL members for idol drama, You're Beautiful earlier today, SBS has continued to build up hype by releasing another poster, with the supporting cast members included.

Unlike the dreamy feel of the earlier poster, this new poster sees the four members of A.N.JELL, Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hongki (FT Island) and Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue) dressed up in stylish chic outfits, like singers attending a year-end awards ceremony. Besides them, we also get a glimpse of the supporting cast including UEE who plays a superstar, Kim In Kwon who plays a manager (the loser in Haeundae) plus two other girls.

For those of you who haven't been keeping up, A.N.JELL is the idol group that the entire drama will be based on. In fact, they are the top idol group, and since allkpop readers love their idol groups, I'm sure this drama will be a big hit with you all.

The first episode is set to air on October 7th, 2009.

cr: soompi
Hong Star

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Re: Lee Hongki - News

Post by Hong Star on Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:28 am

[PICS] 091001 Hongki Selca

CREDITS; Cyworld + Honey @ loveft-i.net

[News] 090923 FT Island’s Lee Hongki, ‘Singers Who Act’, Is There A Problem?

“Why do people think badly of singers going into acting?”
This question came from a 20-year-old young man.

FT Island’s vocal Lee Hongki is acting once again, after a period of 5 years.
He introduces himself as Jeremy, a British-Korean from a royal family, in the upcoming SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“.

In fact, Lee Hongki does not start out his acting path from an idol group. He is a singer who is making a comeback in his drama activies since 5 years ago.

He debuted in KBS 2TV children drama “Magic Kid Masuri” in 2002 and also acted in EBS “There’s Light Left At The Tip Of My Fingernails” in 2004, “Kkangsooni” in 2005 and thereafter from 2007 onwards, he participated in FT Island’s activities.

“SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho, Big Bang’s TOP and other idol group singers are acting and singing at the same time, isn’t it?

But many people think little of it and are giving comments like, ‘So the idols are acting now’, ‘Why are they diverting their paths?’.
I don’t understand why it is positive that actors turn into singers and negative when it’s the other way round.”

Lee Hongki thinks that the mindset should be changed.

“Though fans already know that I started out as a child actor, others who did not know about it, hold a biased view against me. I want to change their mindset with my acting.”

Lee Hongki also sees fellow singer, Lim Changjung, as his role model.

“For the same situation, people do not hold biased views against Lim Changjung-sunbae. He receives recognition as a singer and also receives applause with his strong acting skills. I want to be like him, an all-rounder.”

The drama “You’re Beautiful“, which talks about the lives of an idol band and the love between the members, has a lot of similarities with the band, FT Island, which Lee Hongki is actually in.

“Our director also told me, ‘Lee Hongki, just be yourself’. So the character Jeremy portrays 70% of myself.
Also, in reality, I’m a vocalist. But in the drama, I’m a drummer. That’s the only difference. I learned the basics of playing the drum from our member, Minhwan.”

Lee Hongki also revealed that there are many similarities and he feels less burdened, “People around me are worried because I’m returning to acting once again. As I have only showed my acting skills as a child actor so far, I want to make a change this time round, so I’m feeling the burden as well. Nevertheless, I won’t try to change my image all at once but by doing it step-by-step. It’s never too late. That’s what I think.”

There are also many people who gave Lee Hongki their opinions. Besides his fans, his mother also gave views on Lee Hongki.

“When I was still a child actor, my mother even took on the role of being my manager. Everything was managed well by her.

After recordings, she would look at the monitor and say things like, “You have to change this. It will turn out to be like that, so listen to me”.

She comments on all these things and at the same time, giving me support.
This time round, she’s behind me as well.”

Credit: Sports Donga + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

News Update 090929

Lee Hongki, “Halts FT Island Activities Due To Filming? Definitely Not”… Plans For Year End Concert

Playing the role of A.N.JELL’s Jeremy in the upcoming SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful“, singer-talent Lee Hongki expressed that, “FT Island’s activities are not suspended.”

With many girl groups in the Kpop industry right now, FT Island’s 3rd album title song “Barae” still managed to maintain top chart positions, displaying their level of popularity. Currently, Lee Hongki is also busy with filming of the drama “You’re Beautiful” and his role is that of a British-Korean, who is well-brought up in a royal family.

Spokesperson of FT Island revealed that, “Many fans asked whether FT Island’s activities will come to a halt due to the filming of “You’re Beautiful“. With this, we would like to inform that the members are planning for a year end concert tour in Korea.”

Lee Hongki was previously casted in dramas “Magic Kid Masuri“, “There’s Light Left At The Tip Of My Fingernails“, “Kkangsooni” and many others. With these experience, he does not seem awkward at the filming locations even after 5 years. Instead, he becomes the atmosphere creator in the crew.

Cast of “You’re Beautiful” inculdes Jang Geunsuk, Park Shinhye, Lee Hongki, Jung Yonghwa, Uee and others. With flowerboy idols as the main focus, the drama is receiving lots of attention.

Credits: Newsen (source)+ying1005 @primanoona (translation)

[090930]A.n.Jell Wallpaper Update





credits : SBS + Honggi's Forum (nunita_lft) @ popcornfor2
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