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Super Junior Test

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Super Junior Test

Post by 로리폽:P on Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:28 pm

Perhaps you have a SJ member that you like the most, but let’s see if the result point to the one you like ~ (P.S the points are the numbers in the brackets. at the end, get the total points and refer to the range below)

If you are a MS Corporation’s trainee, and soon makes a debut
1 would you rather:
A makes a solo debut(1)
B have 3~5 person to form a group to make a debut (2)
C more than 8 people in a group to makes a debut (3)

2 if you must study one kind of Chinese drama, you will elect:
A Peking opera (2)
B Shaoxing opera (1)
C Huangmei Opera (3)

3 just when makes a debut,facing your boyfriend’s worry, ,you will:
A realize your dream and let the opposite party to believe you (3)
B you are still young and want to concentrate with your career and want to break up (1)
C unable to control your emotions and work therefore breakup (2)

4 since you know the 13 members of SJ, facing three activities, you will elect:
A watching leeteuk,kangin and shindong mceeing (2)
B kibum’s CF photography (3)
C accompanies donghae and yesung to the hospital with sick children (1)

5 being new, you have to sign a contract to debut with some one in SJ you hope that person would be :
A Rapper takes on eunhyuk (1)
B Dancer hangeng (3)
C actor siwon (2)

6 following three comparisons to want to attempt:
A Travel to the South Pole(3)
B brush teeth your teeth 100 times in a day (1)
C be a farmer in veitnam for one week (2)

7 following SJ member whom thought is the most fashionable:
A leeteuk (3)
B kyuhyun (1)
C heechul (2)

8 who do you think that would be the most suitable to be your elder brother:
A shindong (2)
B ryeowook (1)
C Han Geng (3)

9 if companies let you sing a song with the SJ member, you will elect:
A kangin and hee chul (1)
B donghae and sungmin (2)
C eunhyuk and ryeowook (3)

10 without knowing their real age, who do you think is the youngest among:
A kibum (3)
B sungMin (2)
C eunhyuk (1)

11 if you are from china,and becomes cose friends with hangeng, the following option you want:
A keeps in touch (3)
B to let him make Beijing to you to fry rice immediately (1)
C to let him lead you to tour South Korea one day (2)

12 most not to be able to accept:
A lovable male (1)
B big man principle male (3)
C muscle male (2)

13 following several groups you have also paid attention:
A Buzz (2)
B Fly to the sky (3)
C Sg wanna be (1)

3-6: Yesung      

4-9: Shindong
10-12: Kyuhyun   

13-15: Sungmin
16-18: Ryeowook   

19,20: Kibum
21-23: Donghae    

22,23: Hangeng
24-26: Siwon    

27-29: Kangin
30-32: Leeteuk    

33-35: Eunhyuk
36-39: Heechul

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Re: Super Junior Test

Post by MaryM on Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:46 pm

31 ->that means Leeteuk o.0


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Re: Super Junior Test

Post by kirei yume on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:22 am

35 - Eunhyuk n^^n
kirei yume
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Re: Super Junior Test

Post by Sponsored content

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