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A day with Shinhwa

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A day with Shinhwa

Post by 로리폽:P on Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:19 pm

You can simply bold your answer Razz When you reply.

1. It’s morning. You open your eyes and the first thing you see is…
a. Eric lying on his stomach beside you, still sleeping.
b. Hyesung styling his hair in front of the mirror.
c. Dongwan’s message telling you he went out for a jog.
d. Minwoo playing with your hair, his eyes gently studying your face.
e. Junjin holding you close to his chest with his long arms, still sleeping.
f. Andy sleeping peacefully beside you.

2. You’ve just taken a shower. You come out to the living room and you find…
a. Eric is not in the living room. That’s because he is still sleeping on his stomach in your room.
b. Hyesung is not in the living room. That’s because he is still styling his hair in front of the mirror.
c. Dongwan is drinking from a bottle of water. He is drenched from top to bottom having just come home from the morning jog.
d. Minwoo is not in the living room. That’s because he is in the kitchen trying to cook you breakfast and you can smell burnt toast.
e. Junjin is in his boxers, walking towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.
f. Andy is eating a kiwi, while watching morning cartoon.

3. You are sitting at the kitchen table eating your breakfast and…
a. Eric is sitting across from you, trying to steal your food. He is eating all the spam and eggs!
b. Hyesung is still in the bedroom, styling his hair in front of the mirror.
c. Dongwan is in the shower. He has eaten breakfast already.
d. Minwoo is sitting across from you, his eyes fixed on your morning face while he is eating.
e. Junjin is still in his boxers, while he is eating cereal beside you.
f. Andy has finished eating his kiwi and is still watching morning cartoon.

4. You have just gotten changed and is ready to go to school/work.
a. Eric is in his bum wear, baseball cap, oversized t-shirt, and gym pants, ready to drive you to school/work.
b. Hyesung is still in the bedroom, changing into his outfit for the day.
c. Dongwan is in his polo-shirt and jeans. He is holding the car keys and is ready to drive you to work/school and then do his own stuff.
d. Minwoo is checking himself out by the hallway mirror, making sure that he looks ready to go and charm everyone.
e. Junjin is buttoning up your shirt, because he thinks it’s revealing too much.
f. Andy is waiting for you to drive him to work.

5. You got to school/work on time. You are bored at school/work, so you sent a message to him saying, “I am bored. Come save me.” His reply:
a. Eric: You stay!! No cutting class/work!
b. Hyesung: I will come save you, only if you help me write a long letter explaining why I was 2 hours late for work.
c. Dongwan: I will take you out to lunch. But you must stay put and be a good girl.
d. Minwoo: If you stay and pay attention for the rest of the day, I will reward you with something… `winks.
e. Junjin: Be a good girl and I will take you out partying later tonight.
f. Andy: I am bored too.
6. It’s lunchtime. You walk out of the school/office and you find…
a. Eric in his Mercedes-Benz SL500 waiting for you. There’s a bouquet of roses sitting on the passenger seat.
b. Hyesung is no where to be found. He already called to say that he is going to be 10 minutes late because of ‘traffic’.
c. Dongwan is standing by the lamppost with his hands in his pockets and a big cheerful smile on his face.
d. Minwoo sitting on his bike with two helmets in his hands. One is for him, and the other is for you.
e. Junjin in his BMW M3. Wearing his sunglasses, you can’t really see his eyes, but you can tell that his eyes were following you as you walk towards the car.
f. Andy in his Mercedes-Benz SLK230. He is smiling foolishly at you.

7. You arrived at the restaurant and you are ready to order.
a. Eric lets you order first and then he orders.
b. Hyesung orders for him first, then he orders for you.
c. Dongwan asks you what you want and then he orders for you and himself.
d. Minwoo has already planned a special lunch for you, so you don’t need to order.
e. Junjin makes some suggestions about what to eat and you agreed to the menu, and then he orders for the two of you.
f. Andy lets you decided.

8. After lunch, you go back to work/school. The remaining hours are hard to stand, but still you are able to live through it. After a long day, he comes and picks you up.
a. Eric takes you to a spa and gym, where you can enjoy relaxing time at the spa and he can workout with his friends.
b. Hyesung takes you shopping. He likes to shop with you, because he needs fashion advice. He also likes to shop for you, because he has a sensitive touch for fashion.
c. Dongwan takes you to visit his mommy. His mommy is preparing food for the two of you. You guys visit her twice a week.
d. Minwoo takes you home. He has something special planned for you already.
e. Junjin takes you out for an early dinner. There’s a party to go to afterwards.
f. Andy takes you to Lotte World.

9. Dinner is over. Because tomorrow is Saturday, you guys don’t want to turn to bed yet. The entertainment he has in mind is…
a. Eric wants to play WII sports with you. The punishment for the loser of each round is a shot of soju.
b. Hyesung wants to play computer games with Lee Jihoon and Kangta. So he leaves you to do the dishes.
c. Dongwan believes in sleeping early, so he suggests watching a movie with you. He doesn’t mind romantic comedy.
d. Minwoo fills the bathtub with bubbles and your favourite aromatic scent. He dims the light and pulls you into the bathroom.
e. Junjin takes you to the club, where the two of you gets down and dirty.
f. Andy takes you over to one of his hyung’s place, where a party is being held.

10. After the entertainment at night, you are both tired and ready to hit the sack. Before hitting the sack…
a. Eric pulls you into a hug. He is a little tipsy after the soju [hey, a girl can beat a guy in WII sports!] and he starts nibbling you at the neck. He then drags you into the bedroom…
b. Hyesung goes to take a shower. He tells you to go ahead and sleep, because it will take him a long time before he’s ready for bed.
c. Dongwan drinks a cup of water, and then scoops you up and carries you to bed. That’s because you’ve passed out while watching the movie with him. The movie you ended up watching was a classic movie that bored you to death.
d. Minwoo continues teasing you in bed.
e. Junjin carries you into the bedroom. He lays you on the bed and then he climbs over you…
f. Andy drinks a cup of hot milk and then goes to bed.

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Re: A day with Shinhwa

Post by MaryM on Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:59 pm


so it's lee minwoo ret


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